After-Hours Emergency Veterinarian in McKinney, TX

After-Hours Emergency Vet Care for Your Furry Family Members

Cats, dogs, and other pets are faithful companions who fill your days with laughter and love. Unfortunately, sometimes, they can fill your nights with worry and unexpected trips to our 24-hour vet.


24-Hour Vet Expects the Unexpected

When it comes to pet ownership, one thing you can expect is for your pet to get into all kinds of unexpected situations. Cats suddenly develop a taste for Easter lilies, dogs run out in front of cars, and ferrets swallow seemingly endless pieces of curling ribbon. Predictably, such issues most frequently arise sometime around three in the morning.


Make an After-Hours Vet Plan

If your pet is ever in an emergency, the first thing you need to do is get them to our after-hours vet. As is the case with your human family members, you need to know where to bring your pets for emergency care. Instead of frantically searching the internet for "after-hours emergency vet near me" or "24-hour vet near me," we encourage you to save us as your emergency vet care contact.


Quickly Get After-Hours Emergency Vet Care

Getting your pet immediate after-hours vet care can give them the maximum opportunity for treatment. In human medicine, doctors often use the slogans such as "Time is muscle" or "Time is brain" to encourage patients to seek care for heart attack and stroke symptoms quickly, respectively. Your pet is no different. Whether they've developed an unusual limp or are behaving strangely, you need to get them to an emergency vet in McKinney, TX, as soon as possible.


Dr. Jennifer Pierroti Is an Experienced After-Hours Vet

Our doctor, Dr. Jennifer Pierroti, has been an emergency veterinarian for more than twenty years. As a Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society member, she takes specialized continuing education every year.


Comprehensive After-Hours Emergency Vet Treatment

Targeted treatment begins the moment you arrive at our 24-hour vet facility. One of our triage team nurses will evaluate your pet's condition upon arrival. We always see pets with the most severe injuries first, so your wait will vary.

Once we see your pet, you can expect comprehensive care that may include:

  • X-ray, ultrasound, or lab work
  • Emergency surgery
  • Medication, blood transfusion, or oxygen cage

No matter which interventions your pet requires, we're experienced in working with pets who are in pain. We always balance concern for your animal with keeping everyone safe.


Make Us Your After-Hours Emergency Vet

No one can keep your pet from playing with a venomous snake or running behind a golf cart or ATV. We can, however, offer compassionate after-hours vet care for your furry friends. Don't take a chance on whatever you find by searching for a "24-hour vet near me." Call us at the McKinney Emergency Veterinary Clinic for after-hours emergency vet care you can trust.