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Pain Control

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At McKinney Emergency Veterinary Clinic, we see very sick or injured animals day after day. Most of the four-legged patients we treat have one thing in common: Pain! Our team is committed to providing outstanding pain control and management services to ensure our valued furry patients are as comfortable as possible while receiving the highest level of care.

How Do You Know Your Pet Is in Pain?

Pain is an unpleasant emotional and sensory experience resulting from potential or actual tissue damage. Your pet can't talk and tell you something hurts, and it's hard to determine the level of pain. On top of that, animals instinctively hide their pain to prevent being targeted by potential predators. So just because you can't see obvious signs of discomfort, that doesn't mean your precious pet is not in pain.

Even though animals are good at hiding pain, it's important to recognize its signs and symptoms. These include persistent heavy panting, excessive whining and whimpering, restlessness, withdrawal, shaking, instability, and changes in posture and body language. An injured or very ill pet may also show behavioral changes such as becoming unresponsive or overly aggressive.

Seek Professional Pain Management

Whatever you do, never try to medicate a sick animal at home using over-the-counter pain medications. Not every drug humans take is safe for animals. For example, Tylenol can be fatal to cats, and aspirin is toxic to dogs’ kidneys and can cause bowel bleeding and stomach ulcers. If your companion animal suffers an injury or displays clear signs of suffering, contact McKinney Emergency Veterinary Clinic for quality pain management services as we diagnose and treat the source of pain.

What Does Pain Control Entail?

During pet emergencies, including injuries, trauma, illnesses, or surgeries, one of the most critical aspects of patient care is pain control and management. That helps lower stress, reduces the chances of complications, and contributes to a faster recovery time. So, how exactly is your pet's pain managed? We will prescribe pain medication after an accident or surgery or if we determine that a medical condition is causing discomfort. Our team is highly trained and experienced in recognizing pain. We will constantly monitor your pet and adjust the medication as necessary. Moreover, our team is skilled at handling and moving injured animals to minimize any discomfort. Our compassionate pain management protocols are dedicated to ensuring your pet's pain levels are the most humane possible at all times.

Pain Control and Management Near Me

At McKinney Emergency Veterinary Clinic in McKinney, TX, we strive to keep the animals in our care as comfortable and pain-free as possible as they receive outstanding care and services. We are all pet parents ourselves and treat the animals in our care just as we treat our own!

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