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Like humans, pets can suffer trauma or respiratory distress, which can be heart-wrenching to see. Oxygen therapy during these critical times can save lives. McKinney Emergency Veterinary Clinic is proud to offer oxygen cages, a quick and effective way to stabilize your companion animal while we create a fully customized treatment plan.

What Is Oxygen Therapy?

Oxygen is vital to life. Low oxygen levels can result in cell death and organ failure and can be life-threatening. Oxygen therapy is the practice of supplementing the air the pet breathes with extra oxygen. It is required in some emergency or chronic health situations when the pet has breathing difficulties and struggles to absorb oxygen or transport it around the body.

Oxygen therapy provides the extra help needed to counteract the decreased oxygen levels in the body tissues due to illness or injury. Moreover, the life-saving treatment can stabilize a critically sick or injured pet and build up the strength needed to undergo diagnostic testing.

Why Use an Oxygen Cage?

At McKinney Emergency Veterinary Clinic, we administer oxygen therapy using oxygen cages. Your pet will be surrounded by oxygen and will get its full benefits with every breath. Animals can find masks frightening, so being placed in an oxygen cage provides a less stressful, safer way to provide the needed oxygen supplementation.

What Conditions Require Oxygen Therapy?

There are many reasons your pet would require oxygen therapy. These include respiratory issues, such as pneumonia, an asthmatic crisis, respiratory distress, shock, and pulmonary edema, which means there’s fluid in the lungs or chest cavity. It is also beneficial for pets with serious heart problems, including congestive heart failure. Oxygen therapy helps stabilize an animal after trauma from an accident or fall, fire exposure, biting an electrical cord, or recovery from anesthesia and surgery.

What Are Signs and Symptoms Your Pet Requires Oxygen Therapy?

One of the most obvious signs your precious pet is suffering from hypoxemia, a below-normal level of oxygen in the blood is distressed and gasping for breath. You may notice a blue tint to the skin or tongue. That is a life-threatening emergency that requires immediate care. Other signs your pet needs emergency oxygen therapy include gagging, shortness of breath, rapid breathing, excessive coughing, abnormal respiratory sounds, fast heart rate, frothy discharge from the nose and mouth, obvious weakness, and collapse.

If your pet shows any of the above symptoms, make your way to your vet immediately, or if the emergency occurs after hours, head to McKinney Emergency Veterinary Clinic. We will place your companion animal in an oxygen cage and will do everything we can to stabilize the condition.

Emergency Oxygen Cages Near Me

At McKinney Emergency Veterinary Clinic in McKinney, TX, we are fully trained and equipped to deal with pet emergencies. In the event your furry companion requires oxygen therapy, our oxygen cages will allow for a less stressful, more comfortable treatment experience. Our team is committed to ensuring our patients always receive the best possible care.

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