Veterinary Ultrasound in Celina, TX

McKinney Emergency Veterinary Clinic offers veterinary ultrasound services to the Celina, TX, area. Our skilled veterinarian can provide complete diagnostics and care for your pet. With greater accuracy than conventional approaches, ultrasound technology is a potent imaging tool that helps detect disease or damage. With veterinary ultrasound, our clinic can assess organ size and shape, detect fluid levels and identify problems within the body's organs.


What is a Veterinary Ultrasound Used for?

Veterinary ultrasound is a diagnostic imaging technique that allows our veterinarian to look inside your pet's body without surgery. This non-invasive method assesses organ size and shape, detects fluid levels, locates lesions, and identifies tumors and other abnormalities. It can also be used to diagnose pregnancy in animals, detect heart abnormalities, and even assess the functionality of organs.

At McKinney Emergency Veterinary Clinic, we also use ultrasound to give our patients a more accurate diagnosis and prognosis. For example, in cases of abdominal pain, our veterinarian can use ultrasound to investigate the potential causes. With greater accuracy than conventional approaches, ultrasound technology is a valuable tool in veterinary medicine.


Benefits of Ultrasound for Pets

Pets can benefit significantly from ultrasound in a variety of ways. It's painless, non-invasive, and can provide more accurate results than traditional diagnostic methods. Moreover, ultrasound uses no radiation and is faster than other imaging tests like X-rays and CT scans. This procedure makes it an excellent choice for diagnosing your pet quickly and effectively.


How Long Does a Vet Ultrasound Take in Celina, TX?

Our veterinary ultrasound appointments take approximately 30 minutes at McKinney Emergency Veterinary Clinic. However, the length may change based on your pet's size and particular health issues.


How Accurate are Vet Ultrasounds?

Veterinary ultrasound is a highly efficient and accurate way to detect pathology in your pet. Our experts can confirm changes in the shape, size, and movement of organs that indicate disease or damage. Early diagnosis is critical for proper treatment, so we strive to provide fast, reliable results with our veterinary ultrasound services.


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